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Couch Upholstery

Looking to add statement furniture to your living area? Transform your room by reupholstering your couch. A versatile addition to any apartment, office, living space or family room, our upholstered couches are one of a kind, for you. You choose the colours, materials and finish to give your couch a personalised look.

With a tailored aesthetic, these custom couches make any room your favourite lounge spot. Choose the fabric to complete your personalised upholstered couch in no time.

Set a tone for a living room or lounge and let us design a comfortable setting for you. We advise on a wide range of fabrics available and design a reupholstered couch that suits your taste and needs. Optimises and elevates the decor and comfort your home with these elegantly design custom made couches.

To get a quote to reupholster your existing furniture, or for us to custom design one for your space, give us a call on +(27) 84 433 2973 today.

couch upholstery

Couch Upholstery Near Me

Here at JC Upholstery Randburg, we recognise that the problems faced by couch owners across Randburg vary greatly in nature. Each couch upholstery is likely to be slightly different and with a variety of different parts in each model. Plus it’s unlikely that the damage sustained by each couch will be the same. To ensure that we deliver the most targeted and complete couch upholstery Randburg, we’ve developed a specific and refined service approach that is designed to first assess your needs, before identifying the most suitable repair solution.

Leather Couch Repairs

At JC Upholstery, we can have your leather looking brand new again. We have all the expertise necessary to address leather dye transfer, stains and ink marks, undone or broken stitching and cracking or peeling leather and more.

We offer a free, no obligation quote and we will usually be able to get back to you within a day

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