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Antique Furniture

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Love your antique furniture? Worried if it gets fade over time? Give your Antique furniture a makeover with our upholstery services. We give a fresh look to your furniture pieces without losing its traditional aesthetic appeal. Choose from our range of upholstery fabrics and designs and let us convert your antique into a 21st-century stunner.

We restore your antique furniture in such a way that it can be handed down through the generations. Whether you are looking for antique furniture restoration of sofas, pre-loved chair or any antiques to create bespoke furniture, get in touch with us. Let us cover your antique sofa with some really appealing upholstery and make it a loved piece of furniture for years to come.

Regardless of how old is your antiques, with our custom upholstery fabric, we will make it a unique piece that leaves everyone’s mouth wide open. Get in touch with us today!

Antique Furniture Restoration Randburg

When you have an antique restored or reupholstered you are bringing a piece of history back to life, something that was made by long gone craftsmen which can never be made with the same style,care and strength in the world of today!

Whether it be a Chaise Lounge, Grandfather or Grandmother chair, special European antique or early colonial Australian, they are all worth keeping and restoring if they are put back to their former glory with great care and respect for what they are.

At JC Upholstery we adhere to traditional refurbishment and restoration methods and use only quality materials to bring your prized furniture back to it’s proud former beauty.

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