Sofa Repair

Sofa Repair

When your piece of furniture gets damaged JC Upholstery have the Skills and the knowledge to have it repaired. We are specialists in furniture repair, sofa repair, timber furniture repair and recliner repair in Randburg.

If you’re based in Randburg and looking for a sofa repair company, then JC Upholstery might be what you are looking for.

We specialise in furniture restoration and have been providing an honest service to all our customers since 2016. Our main concern is the customer’s satisfaction and, thanks to our team of dedicated professionals, we are always able to meet our goals and deliver great results.Our craftsmen are able to offer a personalised customer service that will allow you to find the perfect solution for your furniture. Leaving you with a product that will last for years to come.

Sofa Repair Randburg

We are famous for offering great sofa repair Randburg all over Randburg so, if you’re looking for a place to bring a damaged piece of furniture back to life, we are the company for you. Our team of qualified craftsmen have extensive knowledge of all the aspects related to furniture repairs and can restore or modify your items working within very specific budgets and time-frames. From small projects (like cushion repairs or substitutions) to bigger projects (such as a reshape or totally refurbished look).

Antique Restoration Randburg

At JC Upholstery we take pride in the quality of our restoration works, which go from re-springing to polishing at such a high-quality level that your piece will look as new after our work is completed.

Antiques are a great investment and we do understand the importance of taking good care of them, that is why, in our restorations, we only use the best materials to guarantee high standard results. Our craftsmen will bring your furniture back to their original state of luxury and comfort, whether you’re looking to repair a broken sofa seat or a cracked coffee table

In fact, we also re-upholster individual pieces of furniture from Lounge Suites and Dining Chair to Cushions and Antiques; with JC Upholstery you can rest assured that your antiques are in good hands.

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