Leather Upholstery Bryanston

Leather Upholstery Bryanston

Looking to breathe new life back into your leather or fabric couches, dining chairs and/or furniture in your boat or caravan? At Leather Upholstery Bryanston, we reupholster leather and fabric furniture using pure leather.
Leather furniture is without a doubt still exceedingly sought after, be it within the home, at the office or in your prefrerred mode of transport, leather being well-known for it’s durability, style and premium comfort. The robust nature of leather is well-known and will, in most instances, last a lifetime if well looked after & conditioned regularly. In some cases however, no matter how well we take care of our leather furniture, circumstances that are beyond our control can sometimes lead to leather damage.

Problematic issues that can possibly cause damage to your leather lounge or furniture:
Damage from pets & children
Stubborn stains
Leather deterioration
Colour fading
Dye transfer
And broken stitching but to name a few

Leather Upholstery

Leather Upholstery Repair Bryanston

At {Leather Upholstery} Bryanston, we have the expertise and experience to address any leather issues that you might have with your leather couches, leather dining chairs or your leather furniture in your boat or caravan. We offer a range of leather reupholstery and refurbishing services and utilise only the best quality foaming. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that even the smallest details are attended to with the goal being to have your leather furniture back with you in showroom shape.

JC Upholstery, pride in providing honest feedback and strive to cater to the needs of all our clients to the best of our ability – all work is done right here in Randburg utilising premium quality materials that have been ethically sourced. Depending on what the issue is, we will discuss the various options available to make sure that you understand the various expected outcomes to ensure an informed decision for the best possible outcome.

Leather Upholstery Near Me

With continued use scratches, scuffs and stains can accumulate on your leather furniture. Dr Hide has the treatments to repair marks that occur with general use of your leather. Our professional team will let you know if your leather furniture is repairable or it recovering would be advised. With JC Upholstery this provides us with a full service.

Leather Lounge Suite Repair Bryanston

Leather Lovers know what real leather feels like – at JC Upholstery we pride ourselves on passing our passion onto your leather furniture and putting our workmanship into your home.
If your lounger suite has a tear or some parts are worn we can replace the leather panels and make it look like it never existed. Get a qoute today

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